Photo Credits

In this post I’ll describe the sources of this site’s cover images. For the most part, I usually use Google image search to find images that match a post’s contents. I try to find images that are free to use in the public domain and ask the author’s for permission. However, I wasn’t able to find the source of all images and some sites don’t list any usage requirements.

In order to keep page sizes under 1MB and improve load times, I use imagemagick to compress each of the images by placing all of the images into a directory and running the following command to compress them with a width of 900px with interlacing so that the images blur into view when loading:

# for 1x mobile photos
mogrify -quality "92%" -geometry 900 -interlace Plane -format jpg *.jpg
# for 2x higher res photos
mogrify -quality "92%" -geometry 1600 -interlace Plane -format jpg *.jpg
Wood 920350 by feelgrrafix
358473 by Jochi
Meteor Wallpaper by
San Francisco by Rob Bye (found on unsplash)
Earth Wallpaper by
Center Pivot Irrigation in Kansas (June 2001) NASA