Pacific Northwest Tulip Fields

During April 2019, the tulip fields were in full boom in the Pacific Northwest so we took this opportunity to visit all the fields that we could.

Tulip Fields

The tulips looked nice in both sunny and rainy weather. Here are some of my favorite photos taken from Skagit County in Mt. Vernon Washington and from Abbotsford in British Columbia, Canada

Favorite Fields

While all the fields were beautiful, we enjoyed some a bit more, so here's a ranking of our favorites:

#1 Roozengaarde

If there's only field to visit, we recommend the Roozengaarde as it's the largest field with the nicest arrangement and diversity of flowers. It can also be the busiest, especially during sunny weekends.

It costs $10 per person during weekends and $7 on weekdays. Parking is free and across the street in a dirt lot.

Tip: If you drive around 5 minutes northeast of the Roozengaarde there's a free field that's usually less crowded. We managed to park on the side of the road.

#2 Tulip Town

Nearby Roozengaarde is Tulip Town, which is smaller in size but offers many smaller fields with different flowers. There's also an indoor area that can provide a nice relief from the sun or rain.

#3 Abbotsford

Across the border in Canada, Abbotsford is a slightly smaller field compared to Tulip Town that has the benefit of a nicer mountain range in the background. Our biggest gripe with this field was that there's power lines everywhere and while most of the flowers were blocked off, many still were trampled and in bad shape.

Nonetheless, it's a field worth visiting if you're in the area.