Here’s a collection of some of my favorite photos from visiting Armenia during a business trip. These photos were taken on my Sony A7RII.

Yerevan City

Yerevan is a modern city with a rich history over 2800 years with influences from the Soviet Union and Europe.

Republic Square

At the center of Yerevan is Republic Square that consists of a roundabout and a pool with musical fountains.

VMware Office

Inside the VMware Verevan office

Cascade Complex

A tall stairway that leads to a great view of Yerevan

Armenian Dining

Armenia is known for its brandy but also offers a variety of dishes often at very affordable prices compared to the U.S.

Armenian Rugs

One night, our VMware colleagues arranged a tour of a rug factory that was shown on Conan O’ Brien

Zvartnots International Airport

Yerevan's airport is modern with cafes and a nice priority pass lounge.